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Having had experience with previous tuition elsewhere, I can 100% say this was by far the best tuition I have received. When a company goes beyond the required teacher student relationship and provides support beyond what you are learning and rather how you learn, with techniques, habits and methods, there is no reason why you cannot excel. Having struggled with physics, I was shown how to revise in a way that suited me. This enabled me to receive a B in Physics triple science which would have looked impossible a year prior to exams. Physics was restricting me from taking triple science, but keen tuition was enabling me to take it. A student learns best where a teacher is dedicated and believes in their progress and Keen tuition did just that. Hence why I would say Keen for tuition !

Helen N

“Would highly recommend Keen Tuition! I managed to achieve a 7 (Grade A) in Maths and couldn’t be happier! Keen Tuition offers jam-packed lessons that challenge us and allow to honestly reach our potential. Such a huge help! Thank you” Sophie A

“I got A* (Grade 8) in GCSE Maths and A in English. I would like to say a big thank you to my Maths Tutor Blessing Madiro and Limusy Zondi who helped me achieve my dream grades. The classes I attended in Hampton were effective and competitive, you pushed us to aim higher and I wouldn’t have managed to pass without your help. I look forward to joining the Alevel Maths class this coming September.” Adam B

“I highly recommend this tuition company. The tutors are quite dedicated and offer a high quality service. I first began working with my tutor at the start of year 11- I was at a grade 6 but even though I dropped to a grade 4 during my mock, my tutor offered a lot of academic support and even personal support on how to organise myself better in order to revise ‘smart’ and adapted new techniques in order to teach me better and in my GCSEs I secured a grade 7 – all thanks to her.” Neema K

“Genuine tutors, who actually know what they are doing, 5 stars” Mary T

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