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At Keen, we cover the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. This is of huge importance to us as not only do core subjects reflect capability, but they are also consistently important throughout your child’s academic career. By specifically focusing on the core subjects, we will encourage your child’s ability and knowledge to shine through and enable them to be confident when showcasing their unique talents.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject from primary school KS1 to secondary school GCSE. However, this subject can become notoriously difficult particularly GCSE or A Level. This may demotivate many students to have low self-belief in the subject. If your child is struggling with Mathematics, or simply wants to read ahead, Keen Tuition tutors inspire an optimistic attitude in your child to pursue a higher grade and exceed in this core subject.

English Language and Literature

English is a core subject until GCSEs. Whether its understanding the core skills of grammar and speaking or developing your child’s understanding of critical analysis of texts, Keen Tuition tutors are here to help.

English Language is centred on the laws and grammar of the language, more specifically the phonetics, how to construct clauses and sentences while appropriately placing punctuations.

Whilst, English Literature is more reflective on the real world; it inspires students who love to analyse the meaning behind texts. Moreover, its known to build a sense of the real world with age appropriate texts throughout your child’s academic career.

Sciences can be extremely exciting yet extremely confusing without the right guidance. Here at Keen Tuition, we recognise that science can be a broad area of study, from biology’s anatomy to chemistry, our well acclaimed tutors are here to help. Below each science subject is explained in more detail.


Biology is the study of living organisms. This is a pretty inspiring yet useful subject evident in today’s world. For instance, the constant evolution of medicine to target specific diseases such as cancer. Besides its practical applications, biology dives into more historical and philosophical aspects of existence often influencing other major subjects such as Psychology and even English Literature. Our tutors are keen to inspire a sense of optimistic curiosity and understanding of biology. No matter what stage your child is in, Keen Tuition tutors are motivated to build your child’s confidence in not only the core content, and exam techniques, but also to inspire a thirst for knowledge for wider reading.


Concerns the composition of substances on an atomic level. All throughout your child’s academic career, this subject may be the most enticing to pursue as a science project, especially the outrageous chemical lab experiments. Keen Tuition tutors not only make sure that the excitement within this subject is not lost, but also build your child’s knowledge and self confidence in the subject.


Physics is one of the most exciting subjects concerning the physical laws of nature. If your child is particularly interested in exploring space and stars or is curious about mechanics such as cars and planes, we are here to encourage their passion, strengthen their core knowledge and exam techniques in order for them to excel. 


What Keen Offers


Amazing Tutors

The secret to our 99% pass rate is simple. We only select the best tutors at Keen Tuition. You can ensure they are all DBS checked, fully qualified and trained by experienced tutors. So you can be confident in their quality and their commitment to providing the very best learning experience for your child.


Personalised Tuition

We select individual materials for your child based on their results on our initial assessment. We look at all aspects of your child’s ability in their subjects of interest and exam technique. We then develop a tuition course especially for your child, using bespoke one-to-one teaching materials.


First 15 Project

All of our students receive professional bespoke coaching on during the first 15 minutes of every one-to-one session. This programme is provided by our highly trained tutors to help your child acquire skills useful both in the workplace, and in higher education


What Our Students and Parents Say

I got A* (Grade 8) in GCSE Maths and A in English. I would like to say a big thank you to my Maths Tutor Blessing Madiro and Limusy Zondi who helped me achieve my dream grades. The classes I attended in Hampton were effective and competitive, you pushed us to aim higher and I wouldn’t have managed to pass without your help. I look forward to joining the Alevel Maths class this coming September.”

Adam B

Full time Student

Truly enjoyed the experience of having Blessing come into our home to tutor our child for his GCSE’s. She fitted in well with no awkwardness having her in the home.She always went the extra mile and would give more of her time than was paid . She cared for the kids she was tutoring and they came out well in their GCSE’s as result of this.

Clare C

Mother of student

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