GCSE maths

Mathematics is a compulsory subject from primary school KS1 to secondary school GCSE. However, this subject can become notoriously difficult particularly GCSE or A Level. If your child is struggling with Mathematics, or simply wants to read ahead, Keen Tuition tutors inspire an optimistic attitude in your child to pursue a higher grade and exceed in this core subject.

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GCSE Maths Tuition

GCSE Maths is now a key requirement for many job roles as it demonstrates an understanding of numbers and an ability to work with them. The new GCSE Maths 9-1 syllabus has a focus on problem-solving and mathematical thinking. Greater emphasis in the examinations is on applying mathematics and using mathematics to solve problems. Some questions will be set in contexts that students should be expected to deal with in the real world. Our GCSE Maths Tuition gives students the perfect foundation to achieve the best they can.


GCSE maths


What Do We Cover?

Students will learn methods which will help with their GCSE Maths exams, by using, applying, consolidating and reinforcing learning. Students are also taught to independently research different aspects of Mathematics to develop and extend their knowledge.

Students will cover topics such as:

  • Number work
  • Algebra
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Rates of change
  • Geometry (Shape, Space and Measures)
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving

Our GCSE Maths Tuition lessons are designed to ensure that students grasp the new topics they are learning and to help fill in any gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge. We also help them to get prepared for their exams with plenty of practice and revision of exam techniques and methods for answering the questions.

We offer GCSE courses in all subjects across the main U.K exam boards in a classroom setting:

Edexcel | AQA | OCR | WJEC


What We Offer

Amazing Keen Tutors

We only select the best tutors at Keen Tuition. You can ensure they are all DBS checked, fully qualified and trained by experienced tutors.

Parent Login

Using our Platform our tutors book your child’s lessons schedule onto a shared calendar that can be viewed by both Parent and tutor.

Individual Attention

Small group classes for individual attention, with an average of 6-8 students. Classroom-based learning and not sitting in front of a computer.

Live Progress and Feedback

Tutors provide continuous feedback and at the end of each lesson tutors deliver feedback in reference to the child’s learning progress towards the Academic Learning Goals.

Our Modern Facilities and Campuses

We have centres that are modern and upto date that create an Inspiring and vibrant learning environment for students to enjoy learning.

Student Success Blueprint

Our certified tutors use the Student Success Blueprint in order to create a personalised programme for your child, therefore effectively increasing potential and attaining academic success.

Keen Lesson At-a-Glance

Student attends 1.5 hour lesson

Tutor explain the concepts


Bespoke worksheets


Individual support and feedback

Eexam style questions


Assessment and set homework


What People are Saying

“I got A* (Grade 8) in GCSE Maths”

"I got A* (Grade 8) in GCSE Maths and A in English. I would like to say a big thank you to my Maths Tutor Blessing Madiro and Limusy Zondi who helped me achieve my dream grades."

Adam B

“Truly enjoyed the experience ”

"Truly enjoyed the experience of having Blessing come into our home to tutor our child for his GCSE's. She fitted in well with no awkwardness having her in the home. "


“Very professional and knowledgeable! ”

"Very professional and knowledgeable! Their quality of teaching is not like any other. I was glad I used them.."


"I highly recommend this tuition company. "

"I highly recommend this tuition company. The tutors are quite dedicated and offer a high quality service. ."


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