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Finding a school that is the best for your child, and securing a place whilst also working on preparation of entrance exams can be difficult and extremely exhausting. Keen Tuition can help. Our tutors work with your child to prepare them for the entrance exam by ensuring your child is familiar with the format of the exams they will face. Therefore, your child will be thoroughly equipped to perform to the best of their skills. Our tutors cover the following Entrance Exams:

  • 4+, 7/8+ exams tuition
  • 11+ grammar school tuition
  • 13+ common entrance tuition
  • Scholarship exam tuition

Whether your child needs a boost before the exams, or they need assistance with holiday revision before the exams, our tutors are here to help and support both you and your child.

As a parent, you may feel pressured to secure a place in a good nursery or prep school for your tender child. The 4+ assessment is a tutor and parent effort because no one knows your child better than you do. By making sure your child picks up certain skills during the first years of his life such as social interaction skills, and cooperativeness in group activities, you are setting up your child for a higher chance of success. This is because skills such as these are some of the cognitive and social skills assessed. Our highly trained tutors can help by educating your child with other skills such as simple numerical skills and language including the recognition of letters, grammatical and speaking skills which are also assessed in 4+ exams.

At Keen Tuition, we are sensitive to the fact that your child is young at this stage, therefore we take a gentle approach in supporting them during the 7/8+ exams. Here your child is assessed on English and Mathematical skills, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Our tutors help your child strengthen their core skills and knowledge, thus increasing your child’s chances for a position at a prep school.    

11+ is arguably the most competitive entrance exam, at Keen Tuition we understand that preparing for this entrance exam can be extremely stressful. However, if your child has the potential to thrive in a grammar school, we are here to help. It is important that you and your child begin to prepare for these exams as early possibly, at least a year in advance. This gives your child enough time to work on their core knowledge, and for our tutors to assist your child with perfecting their exam techniques. Keen Tuition tutors will make the experience less stressful by focusing our efforts on ensuring your child acquires effective skills to gain knowledge, instead of cramming information. We also and by encouraging their self-belief in this crucial time. 

Preparing for common entrance exams can be stressful. At Keen Tuition, we recommend that you encourage your child to make positive lifestyle choices such as having a revision schedule. This process can prove to be long and tedious yet the more effort put in by you and your child, the more likely your child’s chances of success increase. Keen Tuition pride ourselves in providing excellent services and moulding sharp minded and successful children.  



What Keen Offers


Amazing Tutors

The secret to our 99% pass rate is simple. We only select the best tutors at Keen Tuition. You can ensure they are all DBS checked, fully qualified and trained by experienced tutors. So you can be confident in their quality and their commitment to providing the very best learning experience for your child.


Personalised Tuition

We select individual materials for your child based on their results on our initial assessment. We look at all aspects of your child’s ability in their subjects of interest and exam technique. We then develop a tuition course especially for your child, using bespoke one-to-one teaching materials.


First 15 Project

All of our students receive professional bespoke coaching on during the first 15 minutes of every one-to-one session. This programme is provided by our highly trained tutors to help your child acquire skills useful both in the workplace, and in higher education


What Our Students and Parents Say

I got A* (Grade 8) in GCSE Maths and A in English. I would like to say a big thank you to my Maths Tutor Blessing Madiro and Limusy Zondi who helped me achieve my dream grades. The classes I attended in Hampton were effective and competitive, you pushed us to aim higher and I wouldn’t have managed to pass without your help. I look forward to joining the Alevel Maths class this coming September.”

Adam B

Full time Student

Truly enjoyed the experience of having Blessing come into our home to tutor our child for his GCSE’s. She fitted in well with no awkwardness having her in the home.She always went the extra mile and would give more of her time than was paid . She cared for the kids she was tutoring and they came out well in their GCSE’s as result of this.

Clare C

Mother of student

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