Entrance Exams

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Entrance Exams

Finding a school that is the best for your child, and securing a place whilst also working on preparation of entrance exams can be difficult and extremely exhausting. Keen Tuition can help. Our tutors work with your child to prepare them for the entrance exam by ensuring your child is familiar with the format of the exams they will face. Therefore, your child will be thoroughly equipped to perform to the best of their skills. Our tutors cover the following Entrance Exams: 

  • 4+, 7/8+ exams tuition 
  • 11+ grammar school tuition  
  • 13+ common entrance tuition  
  • Scholarship exam tuition 

Whether your child needs a boost before the exams, or they need assistance with holiday revision before the exams, our tutors are here to help and support both you and your child. 


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