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Say goodbye to exam nerves in an intensive 10-day program designed to help you conquer all types of questions – from short & long evaluative questions to data interpretation & complex calculations.


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Get engaged by your course like never before with interactive exercises and questions assessed in real time throughout the day.


Having had experience with previous tuition elsewhere, I can 100% say this was by far the best tuition I have received…”

“Having had experience with previous tuition elsewhere, I can 100% say this was by far the best tuition I have received. When a company goes beyond the required teacher student relationship and provides support beyond what you are learning and rather how you learn, with techniques, habits and methods, there is no reason why you cannot excel. Having struggled with physics, I was shown how to revise in a way that suited me. This enabled me to receive a B in Physics triple science which would have looked impossible a year prior to exams. Physics was restricting me from taking triple science, but keen tuition was enabling me to take it. A student learns best where a teacher is dedicated and believes in their progress and Keen tuition did just that. Hence why I would say Keen for tuition!”

Helen N,  Student

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Ease your nerves and get 100% exam-ready with a day covering every aspect of your exam: breaking down questions, interpreting command words, conquering short & long answer questions, data interpretation, complex calculations as well as consolidating key content and tackling harder concepts.

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All included in your price.

Targeted Revision & Exam Preparation

We’ve structured the day to cover everything you need to know – from the key concepts that will come up in your exams, to how to perfect your exam technique.

Maximum Engagement

Our course is designed for maximum engagement, with questions submitted and assessed throughout the day and a mock paper to finish.

Master Exam Technique

By the end of the session, you will see a significant improvement in your confidence as you master the techniques & information needed to score top marks in any question you meet!

Personalised Course

Say goodbye to generalised courses, we offer a personalised bespoke crash course for you to excel in your exams. We tackle exactly where your weak points are in your exam revision and guide you into answering exam questions the right way.

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