4+, 7/8 Exams Tuition

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4+, 7/8 Exams Tuition

As a parent, you may feel pressured to secure a place in a good nursery or prep school for your tender child. The 4+ assessment is a tutor and parent effort because no one knows your child better than you do. By making sure your child picks up certain skills during the first years of his life such as social interaction skills, and cooperativeness in group activities, you are setting up your child for a higher chance of success. This is because skills such as these are some of the cognitive and social skills assessed. Our highly trained tutors can help by educating your child with other skills such as simple numerical skills and language including the recognition of letters, grammatical and speaking skills which are also assessed in 4+ exams.  

At Keen Tuition, we are sensitive to the fact that your child is young at this stage, therefore we take a gentle approach in supporting them during the 7/8+ exams. Here your child is assessed on English and Mathematical skills, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Our tutors help your child strengthen their core skills and knowledge, thus increasing your child’s chances for a position at a prep school.    

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