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Our team of tutors are rigorously selected and have the clear goal of increasing your child’s potential through personalised programmes to achieve optimum success.


Increasing Potential

A range of services from home tuition to studio classrooms build your child’s confidence both independently and in a group setting.


Tailored Programmes

Our certified tutors use the Student Success Blueprint in order to create a personalised programme for your child, therefore effectively increasing potential and attaining academic success.

Excellent Success Rate

Our testimonials highlight that by making a difference through qualified tutors, tailored programmes and building confidence, we can achieve success.

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Why Keen Tuition?

At Keen Tuition, we pride ourselves in providing high quality private tuition services to of all academic levels and backgrounds. We offer personalised learning services all through primary and secondary education (Key Stage 1-3), and equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel during their GCSEs and A Levels. Your child’s potential is extremely important to us.

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Your child’s learning attitudes are constructed in the formative years of primary education. It is very important that during these years, between ages 5 to 7, your child feels confident in the classroom in order for them to develop an optimistic outlook on education. Keen Tuition tutors equip your child with core skills such as reading, writing and mathematics both in the classroom and independently.

Our Services

The classroom setting can be a difficult environment for some students to thrive, Home Tuition is an effective alternative. Our Home Tuition service is personalised and brings relief to students who do not always feel confident in a classroom. Home Tuition is delivered in a one-to-one setting, and proves to be very effective as the tutor can solely focus on equipping and guiding your child.

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