Our team of tutors are rigorously selected and have the clear goal of increasing your child’s potential through personalised programmes to achieve optimum success.



A range of services from home tuition to studio classrooms build your child’s confidence both independently and in a group setting.


Our certified tutors use the Student Success Blueprint in order to create a personalised programme for your child, therefore effectively increasing potential and attaining academic success.


Our testimonials highlight that by making a difference through qualified tutors, tailored programmes and building confidence, we can achieve success.

What is Keen Tuition?

At Keen Tuition, we pride ourselves in providing high quality private tuition services to of all academic levels and backgrounds. We offer personalised learning services all through primary and secondary education (Key Stage 1-3), and equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel during their GCSEs and A Levels. Your child’s potential is extremely important to us.

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We offer the best tuition services in London

Keen tuition has helped students all across London achieve 99% pass rate with our professional and efficient tuition. Learn more about our courses, subjects and services below.

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At Keen, we offer a range of different courses suitable children of ages all through primary, secondary and college. Our selected tutors are well knowledgeable in everything they teach at each stage and use a range of different strategies in order to improve your child’s understanding.

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At Keen, we cover the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. This is of huge importance to us as not only do core subjects reflect capability, but they are also consistently important throughout your child’s academic career. 

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We offer a range of services all evaluated and designed to be the most efficient and beneficial for you and your child. Here we not only focus on your child’s ability academically but we also provide a path for them to grow 

Our Testimonials

What our previous clients had to say

Very Happy day today. Cannot thank Blessings enough. My Younger brother today received his GCSE’S results he received an A (7) in Maths after beginning Tuition with Keen tuition in October last year. When starting tuition he was predicted only a 4 in Maths and was not very enthusiastic in his studies. Blessings his Tutor was able to connect with him and get him motivated. She was professional at all times and her prices are reasonable. Money well spent, would definitely recommend!

Ritchie Lipscombe

Blessing explains things well, if you don’t understand she is very patient with you and will go through the topic until you grasp a better understanding of it. This could be beneficial as it will result to better marks in that particular topic question. She is also good at coming up with different methods and techniques to remember a difficult topic for example in maths she taught me conversion, eventhough it is due to common sense she taught be that kilo meant 1,000 so when I have a question in an exam and I need to convert from a kilo I know it means 1,000 and to divide. Overall her techniques are very good and well thought.”

Ebun Braithwaite

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